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vortexx mod

vortexxmod in vortexxooc

Official Closing of Vortexx and many many thank yous!!

Created on Jan 2007, Vortexx has been up and running for roughly three and a half years now. It's gone through numerous ownership, brought joy to some and not so much to others. Drama in a community that was once big was simply inevitable with different opinions clashing and so forth but I'd like to think that players who have played here left on a good note verses the bad.

Unfortunately, it saddens me to have to announce that the mods and I have decided it was best to finally close this community, due to the lack of time and energy to keep it running. Activity checks, applications, and events will all cease after today.

However, instead of keeping this community inactive, we've also decided that players who are currently members or who have quit between "day 101" and now have the option to both continue any plotlines they currently have going in the community and/or test drive any new characters they want. The vortexx "your character was pulled from his/her world and put here" setting will only apply if you want it to. You are open to use the vortexx world as the basis of your RP or you may use the in-canon world to test drive any character.

The only thing we ask is that you drop us an e-mail so we know that you wish to use the community along with the character's corresponding username. This way we could still monitor and grant the character access to the community. All mods must vote and agree to allow anyone who quit a long time ago prior to the "day 101" change in order to play.

Now each mod would like to say a few words to old and new players, who have stuck with us through the thick and thin, starting with myself.

Personally, Vortexx was the first place I started RPing and I think a lot of us could agree that it was the first meeting place for most of us. I was a little skeptical with my writing skills and seeing as how great everyone was playing I wasn't sure if I'd fit in or not. But as I got to know everyone, I learned just how great of a community this truly was. I laughed, cried, and cheered along with my characters and it was lots of fun playing with everyone. I could proudly say that because of this comm I was able to meet some of the most talented, caring, and adoring friends that I can't be thankful enough for. Thank you soo soo very much for all the wonderful times here and letting me be your mod for the short time. I really hope to keep in touch and be able to play with you guys more either here or in other communities~<333 Love you guys~!

It's terribly sad to see Vortexx close, but it outlasted most games, and I'm really honored to have been a part of it. I've met some of my best friends here, made some good friendships, and had a TON of fun. I'm going to miss playing here, but hopefully we'll all still be able to play together in some form or another. Please feel free to poke me if you ever want to play with any of my *current or dropped characters. I'm always willing to play with them. Best of luck in any games you may join and please remember us fondly!

Hey, Emi here. Back in 2007 I spent a good week or two debating on whether or not I wanted (or was good enough) to join this roleplaying community, and I never would have guessed that the decision would affect my life. My first log in the community went well enough, but for my second I chose to reply to an open log. This lead to me talking to the mun via email, then on aim, then on the phone. Probably not even six months later I was meeting her in person, and by extension I met a couple of other people from the community. I'd never traveled by myself before, or had met people in person that I only knew from the internet; but I had a feeling it would be fine, and it actually turned out that way. To make a long story short, I've met about 8 or 9 muns in person and a good chunk of those people have become some of my closest friends. I see them at least once a year now and talk to them constantly. I can't imagine what it would be like if I'd never known them. So, in addition to being a great stress reliever, a f*ckload of fun, and a way to sharpen my writing skills; this community has given me some downright amazing friends. I will never stop being grateful for that. So while this might be 'the end' of vortexx as we've known it, it's not necessarily the end of our roleplaying here, and that helps me not be so sad about all of this. The fact that it's endured for this long is pretty amazing, and I think this is the best possible way to sort of bring things to a close. Thank you to anyone who has ever roleplayed, plotted, or chatted with me within the walls of this place; together we made some really great memories here.

Dear vortexxworld and players, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me this experience. This was the first time I had ever RPed in a community, and even though I do not remember exactly how it is I came to be here; I am certain of how glad I am that I did. This place has given me the opportunity to meet some of the most wonderful people I have ever met, people that otherwise I wouldn't have even known or heard of. People that have had a huge impact on my life outside of the game, who I can't imagine how things would have been had I not met them. Because that is how life goes, it takes something that at first seems small and silly, and turns it into an amazing adventure that broadens who we are and who we can become. So yes, the closing of the game may be here, but I won't ever forget all the wonderful things I have now because if it.

Though the party goes on, at least for the dimension witch, because there is always a world with beer to drink, and a place where wishes need granting.


Us, mods, will forever be grateful to you guys for all the fond memories. Feel free to come back anytime you wish to go back and re-live the moments by reading the old logs or create something new~<333

Thank you soo soo much and much love to you all! Good luck in the future and we all hope to keep in touch!

KGaara, Loke, Emi, Yuuko - Vortexx mods


It really is sad to see it go, especially since Vortexx was my first game and actually laid claim to my first journal and entry on livejournal. But I understand and it has been seeming to slow a little more over time. But still most every character that I have played spent at least a little time here, and passed through while a lot of things changed both in the game and in life.

You were all wonderful mods and I had an excellent time getting to know and play with you all!

Thank you so much for sticking with us and especially playing with your Kyouya has been an absolute pleasure~<3333333333 Gahhh I... gotta go join one of your other comms now~ =>W<=;;;;;
We can play anytime you would like to love. Even if it's just in a journal or something.

lol, well to be honest I'm still not quite at home in any of the other comms so I would hate for you to join and not like it. ^^;
That would be awesome~ =TTWTT= <33333

Awww, really? =; ;= Well, you never know tho? I'll have to check your RP list later and look around~<333
Yeah, currently I have three. Two of which have just recently opened, and the third well you're familiar with Salkia.
Oh koo koo~ I'll def check those out and oh ok! Didn't know you still played there~
Someone had asked me if I would come back with Kenpachi or Ed, so I did.
Awesome~ =^W^= <3333
Love you guys all to death. I am sorry to see it go. But I hope~ we can all still rp together~

And you know, see each other again and stuff. ♥

You've done a wonderful job with this community, guys. It wouldn't have lasted as long as it did without you.
Yeah definitely~<3333 I hope so too!

Thank you so much =TTWTT= <3333 It means a lot to me~<33 Much love!!
Awww thank you so much! That means a lot and thank you for the memories too~<33333