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Aion- Yep

kawaii_gaara in vortexxooc

Sort of back

Hey guys! I know it's almost a month but I confidently feel like I could finally return now. I'm mostly caught up with life and inbox and so I'll be coming off hiatus (tho expect a small one during Otakon weekend just so you know)

So anyone want to plot with any of my characters?


Let me know! And also, Ken-mun! I'm going to tag back with Jezebel right now! I'm terribly terribly sorry for the delay! =; ;=!!!

Thanks guys and hope you're all doing well!



my ppls need to do something (except kuromi - she's waiting for yuuko). take your pick: Loke, Cre, Gunter

and i need to get events back on track OTL
Crashing your response to apologize for taking so long >.>;;; Yuuko-muse went quiet for a change o.o but she's back drinking and loud as ever
would Oscar like to meet Cain. Just need to get Riff to take cain outside >.>;;; but i'm sure we could do SOMETHING >D

and all of my characters besides Yuuko are free >.> I think