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Don't look back

kyouya_0kaasan in vortexxooc

Finally back

Alright I'm finally back in the right state and have my computer once again. Sorry for vanishing for a bit but a family emergency called me out of state to take care of my brother. If anyone could give me a quick run down on what's be going on, let me know if I've missed any tags or if you would like to plot.

Until the next,


Nothing has truly happened, most of the community is on hiatus it seems. The month's activity check gives a better idea of how it has been.

Does Rita owe you a tag back? Or would you like someone to have a log with Kyouya?
I'm not sure I'll go check, there was a while that notifs and my e-mail were conspiring against me. But if you would like a log I would love to have something to do with him.