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x_mog in vortexxooc


Ummm... Boy do I feel bad for this. But it looks like I'll have to drop Watanuki. spazzmuffin104.

I've lost his voice entirely. x.x I was having a lot of fun here back before I had to go on hiatis... And I was looking forward to returning once I got time. But I lost the voice and can't find it again...

Sorry for not saying something sooner. I was trying to get the voice back and find time to jump back in here. But I guess it's time to face the music. This muse is gone. D:


I appreciate playing with you as much as we did. If watanuki ever comes back, i hope you consider returning.
Hey there! I know this is late but sorry to hear you have to go. You'll be missed but it's something totally understandable! Thanks for the fun times while you were here! Take care and hope you come back some day too~<333