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xdarkillusionx in vortexxooc

Frequently Asked Questions

After some thought, I've written up some FAQs for you guys.

What's the general setting?

Essentially, the characters end up in this new world with little to no logic. There are several locations in the world, which can be found on the map. Of these, some of the key locations include...

- A hotel in the residential district. It's VERY large and easy to spot from anywhere within the city.
- The Park, which is located near the center of town and near the forest.
- The Forest, which is close to the park and goes on for quite a distance.
- The Beach, which is beyond the city limits
- The Mountains, far off from society.
- The Desert, which lies outside the city and goes on for a great distance
- The City itself, which is where most characters live.

All in all, the setting is broad, and the world itself is huge.

For more information on the setting and other misc things, look no further than Zexion's research posts, which can be found here.

So how do the characters show up?

Nobody knows for sure. One moment they could be asleep, fighting, eating, or even dead, and the next they'll be in vortexx. There has been some speculation, such as a few people believing the world itself is sentient, or that there is some outside force causing people to come and go, but this is nothing but speculation.

Can anyone leave?

Willingly, no. Portals, teleportation, and the likes all work, but only in the boundaries of the world. The only way a character can leave is if they're dropped, in which case they simply vanish, although muns are allowed to post goodbye entries, etc, if they so desire.

What about other abilities? Do those still work?

Any canon abilities are allowed, but only if they are not used to godmod. While it's fine to play a powerful character, nobody is invincible, so even if they're tough, they shouldn't always succeed. Be reasonable, essentially.

Can my character die?

Yes, they can, but the death system is something that needs to be taken note of. For information on that, look no further than here for the lowdown.

Can my character affect things?

Yes, as long as it's reasonable. For example, Haruko from FLCL took a one room apartment and protected it with a special shield to keep people out, and Zexion created a program for the devices that could project his illusions. However, if it's something HUGE, you'll need to talk to a mod.

I've heard about candies and fruits. Could you explain those?

The candies and fruits are crack items that basically can do strange and almost unpleasant things to the characters. To quote Zexion's second research post...

"* Red Fruits: The one who ingests these will fall in love with the first person they see.
* Yellow Fruits: The one who ingests these will have a change in personality.
* Orange Fruits: These have the effects of both the red and yellow fruits, which is likely the reason behind the color.
* Blue candies: These change the age of the one who eats them. They are reverted to their youth.
* Purple Candies: One who devours these will lose their ability to lie.
* Pink Candies: A change in gender is caused.
* Yellow candies: The one who eats these becomes an animal, either anthromorphic or regular, though the ability to speak is kept, I believe.
* Green candies: These have the opposite effect of the blues; they age people forwards.
* Elixirs: These also are able to change ages, though I had made these for experimental use.
* "Medicine": Strange effects, though I haven't actually studied them to know what determines them.
* White candies: The light within people is brought out.
Black candies: The darkness within one is brought out at full force."

Tell me about the communication devices. What exactly are they like?

Think of miniature computers, only with limitless capabilities. The ceneral use of the devices is for communication. Characters can post in journals via text or voice messages, and it's much like a livejournal in many ways. Videos, images, etc can be posted, and the devices have web access too. By the way, icons CAN be seen on the devices, so people can tell what someone looks like, etc.

Along with working like a computer, objects can be sent from device to device, entries and such can be screened and/or hacked if marked as such, tracking is possible and those with absolute skill can even use it for remote scanning (Like Yuki, but mun permission is required for something like this). Of course, people are free to improvise, but try not to be too ridiculous with the functions.

Can I app a character from a different timeline than other characters in the fandom?

Absolutely. There's nothing wrong with applying as characters earlier, later, or around the same timeline as other characters of the same fandom. In the long run, it's up to the people playing to decide when a character is pulled out of their world.

What about applying a character who's taken, but from another media/continuity?

It all depends. For example, say someone is playing Sonic the Hedgehog from the old SatAM cartoon. It would be perfectly fine to apply as his game self because he has a completely different personality, appearance, and backstory. HOWEVER, the comic book version would not be allowed because both have a lot of similarities.

Another example is Sakura from Cardcaptor Sakura, and her Tsubasa self. Those two are from different universes, so it would, again, be allowed. If you're worried, just ask a moderator about it.

Is it alright to play characters who have minor roles?

If there's canon information on them, I don't see why not. However, there needs to be at least a little information on them, such as things they have done, any traces of their personality, etc. Also, if they're VERY minor, you may need to flesh them out -reasonably-. However, characters with -no- information, who are simply assumed to exist, like, say Sora's mom from Kingdom Hearts, or something like that are not allowed because they have no history or any information at all.

Are there any restrictions on fandoms?

Nope. As long as the character comes from a work of fiction, be it a book, movie, animated series, video game, etc it's alright. The only characters that aren't allowed are OCs and real life characters.

Is there a restriction on how many characters per fandom I can play?

As said in the rules, you can have up to two characters per fandom, but they CANNOT be closely related. In other words, no apping Mario and Bowser, as they are enemies who would interact a lot. The two from the same fandom would need to be ones who wouldn't have heavy interaction, so rivals, best friends, lovers, etc, cannot be played by the same person.

Can I have -insert pairing here-?

Alright, on pairings, here's the lowdown. If a character has a canon interest, that needs to be acknowledged. IE, if you're playing someone with a canon wife, lover, crush, etc, they need to at least care about said person, but if you're not fond of said pairing, it's ok to do others, but only under a few conditions.

First, both muns must agree with the pairing. You cannot force a player into a ship just because you like it. Second, you must be doing it for more than smut. Interactions need to be in-character, and the pairing can't be instant; at least some prior interaction is needed, although if there's some canon subtext, it's less strict in that case.

What happens when a dropped character is picked up?

It all depends on the situation. If the original person picks them up, they are allowed to come back with their memories or without, depending on what the player wants. But, in the case of new players, MOST start over, but, if someone wanted to (although it would be a lot of research), they could play them from when they were left off.

Can you explain some of the terminology?

Ah, but of course.

Mun - someone who plays a character.
Muse - the characters played by a mun.
Mod - A moderator, or someone in charge of maintaining the community.
Log - a roleplay post that can be put in the main community.
App - short for application.

How active do I need to be?

It's important to post actively in either entries or logs, and we tend to have a sweep every three months. All the same, it's encouraged that you post about once every two weeks minimum unless you're on hiatus or generally busy.

Can I use txt talk or 1337?

PLEASE DON'T. At least sub-decent spelling and grammar is required, and spell checks are your friend. At the very least, try using capitalization and punctuation. You don't have to be perfect, but try to put in an effort. Although, if a character uses netspeak in canon, etc, that's alright so long as it's not overdone.

And mature content?

Give a warning first, LJ cut entries with excessive swearing, and friendslock logs with mature content (like smut). After all, we don't want another strikeout incident.

If you have any more questions to add, please let me known, and I'll be sure to add to the FAQ.