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Nov. 7th, 2010



It was fun, but life is crazy

I had a lot of fun, and wish I could continue. But it is time for me to stop deluding myself - I've tried, but I'm just not getting enough free time to come back. 

Bye all!

Aug. 8th, 2010

vortexx mod


Official Closing of Vortexx and many many thank yous!!

Created on Jan 2007, Vortexx has been up and running for roughly three and a half years now. It's gone through numerous ownership, brought joy to some and not so much to others. Drama in a community that was once big was simply inevitable with different opinions clashing and so forth but I'd like to think that players who have played here left on a good note verses the bad.

Unfortunately, it saddens me to have to announce that the mods and I have decided it was best to finally close this community, due to the lack of time and energy to keep it running. Activity checks, applications, and events will all cease after today.

However, instead of keeping this community inactive, we've also decided that players who are currently members or who have quit between "day 101" and now have the option to both continue any plotlines they currently have going in the community and/or test drive any new characters they want. The vortexx "your character was pulled from his/her world and put here" setting will only apply if you want it to. You are open to use the vortexx world as the basis of your RP or you may use the in-canon world to test drive any character.

The only thing we ask is that you drop us an e-mail so we know that you wish to use the community along with the character's corresponding username. This way we could still monitor and grant the character access to the community. All mods must vote and agree to allow anyone who quit a long time ago prior to the "day 101" change in order to play.

Now each mod would like to say a few words to old and new players, who have stuck with us through the thick and thin, starting with myself.

Words from the modsCollapse )

Us, mods, will forever be grateful to you guys for all the fond memories. Feel free to come back anytime you wish to go back and re-live the moments by reading the old logs or create something new~<333

Thank you soo soo much and much love to you all! Good luck in the future and we all hope to keep in touch!

KGaara, Loke, Emi, Yuuko - Vortexx mods

Jul. 31st, 2010


(no subject)

Hey guys...this sun's going down, so remove ofsunnmoon from your f-lists. It's been fun.


P.S. Yes, Yami's still here

Jul. 21st, 2010

Aion- Yep


Sort of back

Hey guys! I know it's almost a month but I confidently feel like I could finally return now. I'm mostly caught up with life and inbox and so I'll be coming off hiatus (tho expect a small one during Otakon weekend just so you know)

So anyone want to plot with any of my characters?


Let me know! And also, Ken-mun! I'm going to tag back with Jezebel right now! I'm terribly terribly sorry for the delay! =; ;=!!!

Thanks guys and hope you're all doing well!


Jul. 12th, 2010

Don&#39;t look back


Finally back

Alright I'm finally back in the right state and have my computer once again. Sorry for vanishing for a bit but a family emergency called me out of state to take care of my brother. If anyone could give me a quick run down on what's be going on, let me know if I've missed any tags or if you would like to plot.

Until the next,

Jul. 5th, 2010

vortexx mod


Activity Check for June.

Here are the results for the month of June. Please look it over and let us know if we have made a mistake or if you have any questions/concerns.

♥ Mod Team

Jun. 25th, 2010



Ummm... Boy do I feel bad for this. But it looks like I'll have to drop Watanuki. spazzmuffin104.

I've lost his voice entirely. x.x I was having a lot of fun here back before I had to go on hiatis... And I was looking forward to returning once I got time. But I lost the voice and can't find it again...

Sorry for not saying something sooner. I was trying to get the voice back and find time to jump back in here. But I guess it's time to face the music. This muse is gone. D:

Jun. 18th, 2010

JoJo - Valentine


Day 125 (Today) Event!

Sorry, i've been having a hard time getting caught up after getting home from Japan.

Today starts day 125, which the event will be Puddle Jumping!

It magically rained overnight so there are puddles everywhere! and no one can resist the urge to randomly jump in some. or they can, up to you guys :p

Next event (2 weeks, day 127) will be a Beach Party! Any host club members want to organize this one?

Jun. 13th, 2010




I've had him since 2007 and I still love the character to bits, but the fact of the matter is that I'm not doing him justice anymore, and I'm not really motivated to play him.

So I'm dropping blckmagkrecipes.

I will finish any logs he's in (if the other muns involved want to), but otherwise it's byebye for Minagawa. He had a good long run.

Jun. 4th, 2010



Friday plot

Today is the beginging of our newest plot, involentary dancing. When characters are loggig with others they will begin to hear faint music in their head, which will become louder gradually until it causes them to begin dancing to the music. Any type of dancing goes, so feel free to explore the world of dance.

In addition when one character touches another they will both begin to hear the same sort of music, leading to both of them dancing

Any questions please ask

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